An unforgettable journey- experience came to an end! It was a journey, not the usual one, with many difficulties since it had the abnormality of COVID-19! If I had to turn back the time, I would decide to go again and again. Some days were Tough, with many changing feelings ( While I was happy to be in Tokyo, I didn’t know what I would experience later in the day)! But we keep the positives, become better, get stronger, and move on to achieve our future goals.


I want to thank everyone who helped me be present (especially the Cyprus Olympic Committee) in this beautiful celebration of sport! I would also like to thank all the athletes who trusted me during the games or before! (It didn’t feel like a celebration, but no one can deny that the Olympics is the ultimate celebration of sport)!
It was a pleasure and an honor to be there with you!
Congratulations to all the athletes who were attending this beautiful event!!!
Congratulations to TEAM-CYPRUS #TOKYO2020



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