The Sports Psychology Seminar for parents, athletes, and coaches at the Limassol Nautical Club was successfully completed yesterday.

Parents, coaches, and athletes had the opportunity to learn more about the role of the parents in competitive sports.

Following, you can read the announcement from the Limassol Nautical Club.

Yesterday, we had the opportunity to offer a presentation to the athletes, parents, and coaches of the Limassol Nautical Club by the sports psychologist Mrs. Thalia Panagi. The topic of the presentation was “The Role of Parents in Sports.”

Mrs. Panayi mentioned that The main goal of parents is to give the children a positive and enjoyable sports experience. Ms. Panagi spoke about the contribution of parents/guardians, which lies in psychological and emotional support, encouragement and rewarding, ensuring proper nutrition, transporting kids to and from training, and providing the necessary instrumental support to children/adolescent athletes. At the same time, she emphasized that the development and growth of young athletes are strongly connected to the trust that parents/guardians have in the knowledge of coaches. Finally, he pointed out that respect for other parents, athletes, and teams sets a good example and is a positive role model.

The seminar finished with a discussion between athletes, parents/guardians, coaches, and the sports psychologist.

Many thanks to the club for the invitation and the organization of the seminar.

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