The coach-athlete relationship is significant since, without proper communication, the relationship is affected, and most likely, the athlete’s performance will be negatively affected.

What can a coach do to enhance the psychology of each athlete positively?

A coach boosts the confidence of each of his athletes as he can use his words to convince them that they are capable and worthy.
The coach boosts an athlete’s self-confidence by emphasizing that failure results from decreased effort and notability. Under no circumstances should he insult his athletes’ ability because it hurts and potentially has a terrible effect.
A coach enhances an athlete’s confidence by teaching them to move and act confidently.

The coach can reduce the athlete’s uncertainty by clarifying intentions and expectations so that the athlete can focus on their goals. The athlete’s performance goals are controllable and, therefore, less likely to cause anxiety.
The coach can help the athlete develop their confidence through feedback and encouragement because lack of confidence is one of the leading causes of pre-race anxiety.
The coach’s power on the athlete’s psychology plays an important and catalytic role; therefore, every coach needs to consider that it directly affects their performance.

Proper communication, encouragement, and feedback is magic formula that will help the athlete realize his goals, be motivated, less stressed, and confident!!!

Thalia Panagi, MSc., MA.
Sport Psychologist
Registered Counseling Psychologist #381
[email protected]

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