Athletes Monitoring is a new service offered by Clearmindpro and aims at personalized monitoring of athletes to maximize performance and have better results. The athlete, after selecting the package is interested in, a personal profile will be created in the application.

After consultation and depending on the daily training and competition routine, needs, and goals, a personalized program and guidance will be provided.

Then the athletes will be able to record in their account daily through the application that will have on their mobile everything related to his training and his psychology: e.g thoughts, symptoms, emotions, which routine he used, and so on.
The purpose of the program is for the athlete to create his notebook with everything related to his training and competition so that he knows better where he needs to focus his goals and attention later for better performance.

“A solution where i can monitor my thoughts and mindset at the actual time of training or competition. Time saving and freed my hands in matter of organizing”.
Diomedis Dimiatriadis – Archer

“Η συνεχής καταγραφή σκέψεων και αποτελεσμάτων μετρήσιμων και μη, είναι το πολυεργαλείο κάθε αθλητή. Το athletes monitoring αντικαθιστά με τον καλύτερο τρόπο το ημερολόγιο σημειώσεων σε real time, όλα σε ένα application, εύκολα προσβάσιμα και μαζεμένα. Το καλύτερο φυσικά είναι πως βρίσκονται στη διάθεση της Clearmind Pro, δίνοντας τη δυνατότητα για αξιολόγηση και καθοδήγηση όποτε αυτή χρειάζεται, εξοικονομώντας πολύτιμο χρόνο”
Μάριος Αριστοδήμου- Αθλητής Σκοποβολής

Simple and Flexible Plans

Choose the plan that suits you best.

“If you can believe it, the mind can achieve it.”

Ronnie Lott, American football player

Frequently Asked Questions

How will this program help me?
Athlete monitoring aims to help and guide each athlete individually, depending on his needs, to achieve the desired goals.
It helps in the daily preparation since the athlete will be able to record his training in the specific application. Also, the athlete will record and evaluate his psychological state.
Through this application, the athlete will be able to learn to apply the main psychological techniques (positive self-talk, mental imagery, relaxation techniques), depending on the day, the training, and the training cycle.
Athletes Monitoring is suitable for whom?
This program is suitable for every athlete, elite or non-elite who wants to be organized and who wants to have holistic guidance from the expert on his/her daily psychological preparation.
How can I use athlete monitoring?
First of all, you need to choose which one of the three programs you want to have. After you complete your order, we will contact you to give us more information about you, your sport, and your goals, so we can prepare your daily program. We will create a profile for you and then we will send you the passwords and the steps you need to follow to download the application. The application is easy to use and is suitable for every type/brand of mobile.
How do I know which program is best for me?
The choice in which program you will choose is up to you what your goal is and if you want to have contact with the specialist and to what extent. You can contact us to discuss what is best for you.
When should I fill it out?
Depending on the type of “training” will be given to you. It is recommended that each athlete completes the program after the end of his/her training, in order not to forget any important information that will be useful for us.
Replace the athlete's diary? That is, will all my previous notes be available for me to refer to at any time? And if so, is there any additional charge?
Each athlete will be able to easily and quickly look up and find his notes, but also download them to save them on his laptop, or even print them.
If I choose the first package of simple recording and in the meantime, I need more guidance can I upgrade my plan?
Yes of course! You can upgrade or downgrade your package after it expires

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