Below are some thoughts and reflections on positive thinking. The reason? Many athletes often talk to me about positive thinking, self-confidence, and the desired performance they do not manage to achieve…

We often hear the phrase “positive thinking.” Many books have been written based on positive thinking. Many theories prove that our thinking influences our emotions and subsequently our behavior or vice versa.

Empirically speaking, one would say that YES! positive thinking plays a vital role in our lives, and what we grow, we will sow. Suppose I plant a seed that contains a negative thought. In that case, rotten fruit will likely increase – weeds that are also undesirable and, therefore, will directly affect my behavior and emotions. In contrast, we will feel good if we plant a good seed/ a beautiful thought, a positive one. Indeed, the behavior/ outcome will be positive.
Negative thoughts cannot lead to positive results, and it takes us to work on how we think and adopt a more positive attitude.
But is it enough to think positively only in sports while thinking negatively for the rest of my life?
The answer is undoubtedly NO! I don’t selectively think positively. I can’t go to work or school in the morning and be stressed out, thinking negatively, and then go to training and try to think and behave positively with confidence. I am an athlete 24 hours a day. I need to build habits; I need to have the right mindset everywhere, in all areas of my life, to have balance and harmony to invest my energy properly and achieve my goals. Also, I don’t attempt to think positively and adopt certain habits and behaviors because I have competitions/games soon… It’s important to know that sport requires sacrifices. One of them is to be adequately prepared and remain formal in my routines. One of them is good positive thinking.
Many athletes ask themselves why they fail while getting much information. At the same time, they train enough while they feed themselves properly… Is the secret ultimately in the right and POSITIVE THINKING?

PS 1: Do you know how to turn your negative thoughts into positive ones?
PS 2: Do you enjoy what you do as a sport?

If the answer to the questions is NO, then that’s something you need to dig deeper into!

Thalia Panagi
Founder of!

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